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She Painting

Size (WxH): 39" x 39" inch (100 x 100 cm)
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Painted in (year): 2013
Category: original nude paintings

$2200 USD

TAGS:OilLarge (over 39 inch)ImpressionismNude

Anna Kerashvili
Anna Kerashvili

She is an original, large one-of-a-kind nude painting signed by artist Anna Kerashvili. This piece of art was created in 2013 and the painter used oil on canvas. It measures 39" x 39" inch (100 x 100 cm) and is available for sale online for 2200 USD.


The She Painting features a nude woman sitting in a classic pose often used for nude portraits. Unintended to be alluring, just simply a display of the human body, the woman sits with her body facing the camera but her head is looking over her shoulder. Her hair is a golden auburn color and appears to be in a braid down her back. Her chest is exposed to the viewer, but in her lap rests a black garment that conceals her hips. This garment overflows onto the seat in which she is sitting, which is red in color.


Anna Kerashvili is an artist who uses her own unique style in perfect harmony with the techniques and skills she was taught in school. In 2009, she received her Bachelor's degree from the Tbilisi Academy of Arts in Wood and Furniture Design. In the year 2011, she got her Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the same school, this time getting her degree in painting. It is with this degree that she has blossomed into her own unique style of creation, producing pieces that have since been used in a number of different galleries.