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Passerina Painting

Size (WxH): 8" x 28" inch (20 x 70 cm)
Medium: Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas
Painted in (year): 2018
Category: original floral paintings

TAGS:Mixed mediaMedium (21 to 39 inch)FloralDecorative

Natalia Pastushenko
Natalia Pastushenko

Passerina is an original, one-of-a-kind floral painting signed by artist Natalia Pastushenko. This piece of art was created in 2018 and the painter used acrylic and mixed media on canvas. It measures 8" x 28" inch (20 x 70 cm) and is available for sale online for 550 USD.


A graduate from the architecture department of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Architecture in Kyiv, Natalia Pastushenko is an artist through many different mediums: graphic design, book illustration, drawing and more. Yet, her biggest passion lies in painting, and that is clear by the works that she creates. Her art has been showcased in many different parts of the world, including Germany, Poland, Italy and more as part of solo exhibitions and group collections as well.

"acrylic and mixed media on canvas"

~Painter Natalia Pastushenko~