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Tulips Painting

Size (WxH): 31" x 24" inch (80 x 60 cm)
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Painted in (year): 2016
Category: original floral paintings

$500 USD

This painting is sold.

TAGS:OilMedium (21 to 39 inch)ImpressionismFloral

Olga Darchuk
Olga Darchuk

Tulips is an original, large one-of-a-kind floral painting signed by artist Olga Darchuk. This piece of art was created in 2016 and the painter used oil on canvas. It measures 31" x 24" inch (80 x 60 cm) and is available for sale online for 500 USD.


The soft, heavy buds of orange tulips lean eagerly out from the confines of their vase in this vibrant Tulips Painting. Orange tulips have forever been a symbol of energy, vitality, desire and enthusiasm, and this piece conveys that with the way the tulips reach with all of their might, yearning for the freedom to explore their fascination with the world around them. The background is full of lavender, blue and yellow colors, giving a glimpse into the diverse world that is waiting just outside when one takes that first step out of their comfort zone to explore their environment.


Having already found her still life works in a gallery by the young and impressive age of five, Olga Darchuk is an artist whose creative process was steeped and fine-tuned from childhood. Her work is a fantastic display of color and life in all forms, and she takes inspiration from a number of different sources. Her work presents itself in the form of colorful animals to cityscapes to natural places in the wild, presenting a full spectrum of artistic expression that anyone can appreciate.