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Angel Painting

Size (WxH): 30" x 39" inch (77 x 100 cm)
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Painted in (year): 2015
Category: original figurative paintings

$2800 USD

TAGS:OilLarge (over 39 inch)FigurativeExpressionism

Giorgi Kobiashvili
Giorgi Kobiashvili

Angel is an original, large one-of-a-kind figurative painting signed by artist Giorgi Kobiashvili. This piece of art was created in 2015 and the painter used oil on canvas. It measures 30" x 39" inch (77 x 100 cm) and is available for sale online for 2800 USD.


An angel in white kneels on the ground, book in hand, accompanied by the pure presence of a dove. Behind them, a brilliant yellow background brings the painting to life – creating contrast between the darkness of the earth and the purity of the woman and bird. Even greater contrast can be perceived between the straight angular brushstrokes of the angels dress and the soft wispy strokes of her body, face, hair and wings. Giorgi Kobiashvili shows his mastery and versatility with the brush in this oil on canvas painting. An eclectic piece of art which is sure to invite many a glance!


Giorgi Kobiashvili started taking painting classes in the year 2005 and studied in the Iakob Nikoladze Art School until the year 2009. After his time there ended, he took more classes at the Apolon Kutateladze Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Faculty of Fine Art until the year 2012. During this time and beyond, Giorgi Kobiashvili was showcasing his works in many different exhibitions.