How To Sell Your Paintings Online - Tips On Selling Art

How To Sell Your Paintings Online - Tips On Selling Art

As someone trying to sell art, you might be aware of the immense challenges that can exist when doing so. Far from being something that people find easy, the challenge in selling art comes from finding the right kind of personality and intent in the words that you produce.

When you want to try and give people an idea of what makes good art, it’s important to know the most important factors in making the sale possible. As some people are coming to when they want to buy art, some personality factors are expected to be detected and appreciated by those who visit your page.

Now, selling art means having a strong website, being able to accept as many forms of payment as possible, and using quality descriptions of each piece to sell the story and the image that it portrays. As ever, though, there is much more to the idea of creating art to sell online than just following the basics. Having a strong website and accepting payment portals is common sense, not anything specific that you can use to make your art stand out. So, what kind of tips and tricks can you use to boost both visibility and sales?

Getting Out There

Unlike other industries, where you are looking to get as many people interested as possible hoping that a small percentage make a sale, art is different. You need to be ready to get on social media, promoting yourself as both a knowledgeable person about art and as someone who can be trusted to see the deeper detail within an image.

Most of all, you need to show yourself as someone who is passionate about the art industry itself. Get out there on social media and in your local area, and get yourself noticed. While many industries can get by on mass exposure and hoping for the minor gains to see them through, art relies more on a smaller volume of interested parties, all with a higher chance of making the purchase.

Social media is going to be a mastermind when it comes to getting more sales. From using a Pinterest account to promote your artwork to people who are already looking for innovation, to getting it on Flickr and making people come across your work of art by chance, you can find many innovative ways to get your work noticed, appreciated, and purchased all at once.

Also, think about getting an art blog going on the side of your website. This can be useful for giving both more traffic generation potential, but also more chances for people to find out some inspiring information about your business and your artwork. It’s easier to sell to people when they believe you are someone worth actually listening to, so use a blog to convince them of that.

Get Proper Photos

One of the major mistakes that people can inexplicably make about art is getting quality photos that does the artwork justice. Get a professional in if you cannot get images that are limited by outside influences. It must be as close to the real thing as it possibly can, so take the time to get some real photos.

Professional photos can make a significant difference to the way that your artwork is going to be received. Photos with poor colour balancing, awkward angles and the like can feel like a real ungainly addition to the whole project. Instead, get around this major inconvenience with the help of some proper photos of the artwork.

Write Artistic Descriptions

The worst thing that you can do as an artist is produce descriptions which state the obvious. You want to avoid doing this as, well, the people buying your art already can see the photo. Don’t just explain what is there in front of them, on the page: go further. Explain it in more detail – add a touch of charm and realism to the whole thing.

Make it showcase the little parts of emotion, the hidden abstract of the image. People want to get a bit of help inspiring themselves with a description, so ensure that if you want to sell art you can get artistic descriptions put together.

Group Work

The last suggestion we have for you is to get other artists to team up with you – working as a unit is better than competing against one another. Instead, find other artists online and in your local group and you can all come together to make enticing blog posts, to share your artwork with new markets, and to make sure there is always hype being generated about your projects.

If you are worried about losing out on traffic to all of that competition, why not join forces? You can all profit together as one, rather than fighting against each other and making it harder to be the choice for the main person to be considered here – the buyer.

With all of this in mind, you should pretty quickly be able to get to grips with the long-term aims and needs of your next step. Selling art online is tough, and it takes a lot of work to get it right, but the above can be specific and helpful ways for you to get around this problem and leave behind this frustration.

From not seeing enough sales to feeling too empty, the solutions above can solve a glut of related problems in this industry.




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