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Felines Painting

Size (WxH): 35" x 30" inch (89 x 76 cm)
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Painted in (year): 2011
Category: original animal paintings

$1800 USD

TAGS:OilMedium (21 to 39 inch)Abstract artAnimal

Silvia Blanco
Silvia Blanco

Felines is an original, large one-of-a-kind animal painting signed by artist Silvia Blanco. This piece of art was created in 2011 and the painter used oil on canvas. It measures 35" x 30" inch (89 x 76 cm) and is available for sale online for 1800 USD.


The Felines painting depicts a number of cheetahs lying together in a darkened area. Wisps of yellow, red and black tickle at their fur. Any feline symbolizes mystical powers and feminine energy, and the way that these cheetahs are all lying together suggests the power that can be had when women stick to and work together. Cheetahs also signify focus and speed, helping the idea of feminine power if women stay focused on their goals and their beliefs. The yellow ribbons in the painting suggest happiness while the red suggests passion, a glimpse at what can come if women persevere through their trials.