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Dreams and Nightmares of a Geisha Painting

Size (WxH): 12" x 16" inch (30 x 41 cm)
Medium: Oil on Canvas (stretched on cardboard)
Painted in (year): 2017
Category: original abstract paintings

TAGS:OilSmall (under 20 inch)Semi-abstractAbstract

Sabyasachi Roy
Sabyasachi Roy

Dreams And Nightmares Of A Geisha is an original, one-of-a-kind abstract painting signed by artist Sabyasachi Roy. This piece of art was created in 2017 and the painter used oil on canvas (stretched on cardboard). It measures 12" x 16" inch (30 x 41 cm) and is available for sale online for 500 USD.


The story of the rise and fall of the geisha sums up the change in position of women in Medieval Japan. She was instructed in the minutest details as each head tilt or movement of fingers had a meaning. She also learned to manage stringed instrument. She picked up the art of calligraphy, mastered tea ceremonies, serving sake and even the art of joking. She was generally hired by men who had to be treated as kings by her. The later Sengoku period was dark for geishas. The geisha houses ran into debts to buy girls from impoverished families. This debt the girl had to repay by working hard. The art soon degenerated into outright prostitution as virginity became a commodity to be bought and sold. This painting is an ode to the diminishing hope and rising anguishes of these women.


A self-taught artist, Sabyasachi Roy received no formal training to put him on the path to his impressive collection of diverse artwork. Instead, he began as an illustrator for magazines and worked his way up to using oil and canvas to create his pieces. He is driven by a passion for the arts and has since sold his works in many online galleries. Sabyasachi Roy focuses on a number of different art styles to express his opinions and thoughts, ranging from nude pieces to abstract art.