List of original paintings signed by artist Gevorg Avagyan

Born in the year 1922 in a small town in Armenia, Gevorg Avagyan is a painter that represents some of the last remaining Old World Armenian artists that still cling to the classic style that was brought forth from there. Gevorg Avagyan studied at the Armenian Fine Arts College, followed by  the Armenian Fine Arts Academy. He has worked with other talented artists in Armenia and was known as a master of creating not only portraiture, but of beautiful landscapes as well. Gevorg Avagyan still paints to this day and is still producing classic Armenian-style pieces.

As he is known for his striking landscape paintings, Gevorg Avagyan continues to paint landscapes, showcasing a huge variety of different environments in each one that he does. A lot of his work seems to focus on mountainous landscapes as well as autumnal environments that are full of texture and color. In his works, Gevorg Avagyan also spends much of his time creating beautiful glimpses of wet environments such as rivers and lakes. The colors that are most often used in Gevorg Avagyan's paintings include soft browns, greens, blues, white and pink. Perfect for anyone who loves the fall season, there is an abundance of vibrant red, yellow and orange fall colors to be found in his works as well. Gevorg Avagyan creates dreamy landscapes that are also realistic and accessible in the real world, blending fantasy and life into one beautiful work of art.

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