List of original paintings signed by artist Sandhya Shetty

One of the most well known, traditional oil painters, Sandhya Shetty enjoys creating both landscape and figurative paintings in her work. A graduate from the College of Fine Arts in India, Sandhya Shetty began painting in the year 1999 and never quite stopped. She is a member of a number of different American-based painting societies, including The Austin Visual Arts Association, The Oil painters of America and The American Impressionist Society. Sandhya Shetty has been recognized and awarded for her work before, appearing in many gallery showings privately and in groups.

Sandhya Shetty creates landscapes that verge on realism with their sharp attention to detail and heavy reliance on art in her work. She paints just about any sort of landscape imagery, from simple trees in a field to winding roadways and from sunrises over a dewy plain to oceans and pastures. Houses are sometimes present in these works, but most of the landscape paintings by this artist are of nature only.

Not only does Sandhya Shetty paint landscape paintings, she also paints portraits and still life works as well. That same element of realism that is present in her landscape pieces is also present in her other art styles. There are common colors that she uses throughout her works, including browns, greens, reds, sandy colors and other earthen hues. It appears that Sandhya Shetty strives to capture the realism of the earth in everything she paints, from people to the natural beauty of different landscapes.

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