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Animal paintings are especially recommended for animal lovers, people who are looking for stress relief, and those who are looking to add a unique touch to their home decoration. Animal lovers usually choose cats and dogs, while some go for the relaxing colors of birds and fish. Those who like drama and pieces that stand out often look for wild animals and rare species. When it comes to animal paintings, the possibilities are endless. No matter what your taste and preferences are, you will find the perfect painting to be the focal point of your interior. Animal paintings showcase a wide variety of line combinations and are also able to inject emotion and "character" into your home – whether wild, fierce, domesticated, unique, or mysterious. The right kind of painting can easily help you achieve the look and vibe that you are going for. It can make your home or office look exotic and warm. Transform a space while showing off your taste and love for nature. Bring the animal kingdom right where you want it – into your home, office, or pretty much anywhere you want.

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Paintings with animals offer a mirror to our deepest, most primordial instincts. After all, we humans are animals ourselves. When we look at a painting displaying a cat, dog, horse or tiger, we are looking at a deep, significant part of ourselves.

Who among us has never dreamed of being an animal even for a short time? We love animals for their beauty, their big eyes, and their keen instincts. Animal paintings are different from a painting of a beloved pet. A pet portrait reminds the owner of a loving family friend. But a painting of a wild animal contains within it human desire. It is the desire of freedom, the freedom to hunt, to roam the plains, to be for a few moments unshackled from the constraints of the modern lifestyle.


When we study an animal painting, for a few brief luxurious moments we are living inside that fur. We are roaming the plains, the African sun on our backs, our muscles rippling with the anticipation of the hunt. No-one can harm us. We are Lords of the plain. We are truly free. Whether you opt for a painting of safari or domestic animals, you are allowing the simple, untainted beauty of nature into your home or office. Whether it’s the spots on the golden fur of a cheetah or the noble mane of a horse, you are enjoying nature at its simplest and finest. Animal paintings are universally enjoyed. To tire of them would be to tire of nature, to tire of ourselves. They give long lasting pleasure, and make great investments.