List of original paintings signed by artist Dejan Trajkovic

I was born in Leskovac, in 1973. I graduated from the Faculty of Teacher Education in Vranje, where I had a renowned painter, Zoran Petrusijevic for an art professor. This was a first step for me to art world. Although I grew up watching the paintings of old masters of Renaissance, Baroque and Realism, contemporary painters, especially two of them, had a decisive influence on my painting: Russian painter Alexei Antonov, from whom

I learned the method of classical construction of the painting by the Flemish method, and my personal friend Vladimir Jovicevic who is a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. Russian painters, as well as Scandinavian and German masters, had the greatest influence on my painting of the landscape.

Today, I live and paint in Grdanica, small village in South-East Serbia, in Jablanica district. I am member of the artistic group Barti who works in my country Serbia. From exhibit opening in Perunov gallery 2016: "Dejan Trajkovic painting depicts energy that is in constant circulation, one durability that is reflected through water, the river. This concentric circle of truth, is reflected in the prism of hyperrealism, light, photographic accuracy. The painting is a frozen moment. The artist's opus is a trail to tackle the elusive." - Milica Mihailovic - art historian

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