List of original paintings signed by artist Olga Bezhina

Olga Bezhina was born in Krasnodar in 1981, graduated from the Krasnodar Art School in 2001, where, until her own technique of tempo-rhythmic painting, she experimented with various variants of classical painting, year after year forming her unique handwriting.

A distinctive feature of Olga Bezhina's paintings is a convex texture, relief and structural integrity.
Olga called the developed technique a tempo rhythmic painting, which is a color application of the material (paint), taking into account the physical phenomena changing around the artist (the fall of light, the force of the wind movement). The artist writes her works from life, which ensures accurate transmission and interpretation of light and tonal dynamics of the surrounding space. The purity of color and the uniformity of the canvas structure allow Olga to achieve the effect of volume and animation of the written - depending on the lighting, the same canvas can look different.

The unique handwriting of the artist allows you not to perceive works as works of abstract painting, but to feel every detail of the picture through a clearly verified mosaic. The artist approaches his work with the accuracy of the engineer: a clear transmission, preservation of color and dynamics of the space around require consistency and accuracy even at the time of writing the picture.
Such projects of Olga as cycles "Following the tracks of Sinds", "Dichotomy", "Victory" were evaluated by critics of the Southern Federal District at a high level and presented at the exhibitions: "Different Worlds," a solo exhibition

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