List of original paintings signed by artist Zurab Gikashvili

Zurab Gikashvili is a Georgian Contemporary Artist. He was born in Kvareli, Georgia on August 5th, 1961.

Tbilisi State Academy of Arts - Tbilisi, Georgia (1986-1992)
Art College of Iakob Nikoladze - Tbilisi, Georgia (1976-1980)
Art School of The City of Telavi, Georgia (1972-1976)

In 1991, a big contest was organized by an art schools of several countries of Western Europe and of Georgia was not part of the association, Zurab Gikashvili was invited as the guest of honor for the quality of his work. The head of the Atelier, which took the place in Gibellina, Italy, was the Dean of The Academy of Fine Arts of Düsseldorf, Germany, painter and sculptor Markus Lüpertz. The coordinators of the show case were the founder of The Studio Francesco Messina Museum, sculptor Francesco Morocco. The winners of each country were invited to the 1st Mediterranean Atelier organized by the art critic and historian of the contemporary art Achille Bonito Oliva. As Republic Messina and Margherita Accardo. Zurab Gikashvili's artwork was exhibited (and eventually kept) at The Gibellina Civic Museum of Contemporary Art from March 18th to April 18th, 1992 - Gibellina, Italy.

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