List of original paintings signed by artist Bernadette Zeegers

Bernadette Zeegers studied drawing and craftsmanship in Tilburg, where she graduated in 1983. Although she had trained as a teacher, she chose for free artistry. In her father's studio, also a free artist, she developed after her academy time a loose, somewhat impressionistic style of painting, with which she mainly produced flower still lifes and studies on models.

Characteristic of her style was spontaneity and light-footedness in effect and appearance. After a period of reflection and deepening that lasted several years, Bernadette returned to the artistic scene in 2006. Her earlier, more charming work has made way for large, mostly abstract-expressionistic compositions, in which the painterly movement and the emphatic use of color are central. Her canvases have become more extrovert and more pronounced with a strong emotional charge. The movement of painting, the directness of the colors and their relation to each other, the working of the paint, the material, the skin of the painting, everything is at the service of the emotion of painting.

The figuration has largely disappeared from the canvas, albeit sometimes images can appear that refer to an existing figuration. That is also how Bernadette works: on the one hand being busy with the phenomenon of painting itself, on the other hand she can be inspired by a certain form falls on her retina. In the painting process she seeks a balance between this; the painting must be the result of an emotional surrender to painting and a rational consideration of the balance and strength of the composition. Striking is her use of color. She often chooses red, orange and brown surfaces that form a warm and intense composition. However, sometimes the canvases are set in predominantly cool blue and violet hues, so that these paintings breathe a greater distance.

Bernadette very consciously opts for authenticity and honesty in her painting. Her works are therefore always the result of an inner process that is led by a strong artistic sense of color and proportion.

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