List of original paintings signed by artist Mitko Zhelezarov

A Bulgarian artist, Mitko Zhelezarov graduated from the Bulgarian College of Fine Art in the year 1990. Since then, Mitko Zhelezarov has been a part of many solo exhibitions with his digital art, drawings, paintings and more. Much of the art that this artist creates is representative in its own way of his morals and values as well as his Christianity. No matter if your beliefs align with the artist's, there is something in each one of his pieces to be appreciated by everyone: a stillness, a calmness, a quietness and plenty of positive energy.

Mitko Zhelezarov uses a lot of color in his work and experiments with linear rhythm to ensure each piece flows well and is pleasant to look at. A lot of his work uses symbols and signs that are drawn from iconic works in order to make the message of his paintings clearer, and the message is that of his Christian values.

He uses not only symbols but colors to portray these messages as well, hoping to not only depict what he wants these symbols to mean in his work but to give the viewer a chance to make their own decisions about what the art means to them. Some of the most commonly used symbols in his works are fish and hands. A lot of his work also has musical themes in it as well. Most of the colors used in Mitko Zhelezarov's works are bright red, grays and browns.

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