List of original paintings signed by artist Yamilet Sempe

A French-American artist, Yamilet Sempe is a Parisian artist who now makes her home in the state of Florida, close to the sea where she draws much of her inspiration from. Her work is a reflection of her positive outlook on life and general positive energy, using plenty of vibrant color overtop an otherwise dreary backdrop. The serene nature of her paintings helps to reflect how she feels about life and the determined way in which she paints makes it clear that she hopes to instill that same sense of positivity into those who view her paintings.

Both her love of her original home in Paris and her love of nature make it into her works, creating an interesting blend of images of towering buildings and wispy flowers. Yamilet Sempe generally starts her works off with a grayish brown backdrop that lays the foundation for the rest of the work. These bleak and bleary colors seem to set the stage for the rest of the painting to take place and come to life with more vibrant and beautiful colors. Much of the colors that Yamilet Sempe chooses to use are bright and hopeful ones that she layers over the dreary backdrops, including a lot of different shades of blue.

Lavender is another color that is used often, as are different shades of red and pink. Many of her paintings feature tall buildings or flowers that reach high into the sky, visualizing her positive mindset.

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