List of original paintings signed by artist Sabyasachi Roy

A self-taught artist, Sabyasachi Roy received no formal training to put him on the path to his impressive collection of diverse artwork. Instead, he began as an illustrator for magazines and worked his way up to using oil and canvas to create his pieces. He is driven by a passion for the arts and has since sold his works in many online galleries. Sabyasachi Roy focuses on a number of different art styles to express his opinions and thoughts, ranging from nude pieces to abstract art.

The nudes that Sabyasachi Roy creates are always in black and white, demonstrating a straightforward, yet artistic approach to the nude female form. The black and white also helps put focus on the body of the subject in question and does not distract away from it by using color. The nudes are all created from different angles and showcasing different positions of the bodies, creating pieces that can speak to anyone who is listening. Sabyasachi Roy also creates abstract pieces that reflect different things, such as simple sunrises to more complex ideas such as fundamentalism, communalism and more.

In his abstract pieces, Sabyasachi Roy tends to use a huge array of color to communicate his thoughts. The colors range primarily from different shades of greens, but he also uses a heavy assortment of blue hues as well. Reds, oranges and yellows are also present in the works of Sabyasachi Roy although they are few and far between.

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