List of original paintings signed by artist Vyara Tichkova

Equipped with a degree from the National High School of Performing and Screen Arts in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Vyara Tichkova has a professional qualification of Artist from the National Academy of Art and a Master’s Degree in Scenography. This artist's styles range far and wide over a huge collection that she has amounted over the years. Depending on the piece at hand, this artist uses a number of different color schemes to get her point across.

Black and white images seem to take the center stage with a lot of her work, helping to keep the focus on the subject of her works instead of distracting them with color and the symbolism that color often provides. Sometimes in her black and white paintings, there are hints of earthy browns that make the images seem more real and poignant. That said, much of the work of Vyara Tichkova is very colorful indeed. When it is warranted, Vyara Tichkova uses color freely, most of her paintings using nearly every color on the spectrum to express her thoughts.

Her colorful paintings tend to be semi-abstract in nature, using swirls of color and more geometric-looking shapes to express the images of her subjects rather than attempting realism. This adds a bit of whimsy to her works and makes them suitable for any space. Dominant colors in her pieces include yellows, blues, reds and purples. This artist is sure to have a piece to suit any taste and setting.

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