List of original paintings signed by artist Kennth Halvorsen

Born in Hollywood, California, Kennth Halvorsen was surrounded by art for a good part of his life. This inspired him at an early age to pursue painting and has since become known for his unique works both on the national level and beyond. Kennth Halvorsen is best known for his natural landscape paintings, which he paints in hyper realism styles. He is lauded for the unique technique he employs when it comes to painting his pieces, which give a nod to classic impressionism painting styles.

It begins with a cotton canvas upon which the darker layers of paint are applied. As each coat is applied, he gradually uses lighter colors until the lightest hues are applied as he nears the end of his painting. Each layer of paint requires a few days to dry, meaning each painting ends up taking several weeks to complete. The result of this provides an incredible depth and texture. Using this style, the goal of Kennth Halvorsen is to surprise those who view his work and offer a better appreciation for the technique behind fine art. Most of his paintings have to do with flowery landscapes.

Some of these landscapes take place in expansive fields of flowers as far as the eye can see. Many of them feature trees with blooms that create an arching pathway. Watery scenes are present in all seasons of the year with most of his paintings taking place during the winter and fall.

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