List of original paintings signed by artist Sergey Lesnikov

Sergey Lesnikov is an artist who uses his innate fascination with things such as wood, metal, stone and even cobwebs, paying attention to the way they change and evolve over time. This is evidenced by the way he works such elements consistently into his works, aiming to capture the texture of the objects that fascinate him so much on the canvas upon which he paints.

He was taught at a technical school which helped him to fine-tune his abilities to paint while also taking his own spin on things and incorporating his own unique style. He tries to capture the fantasy of old novels and lore, reimagining them in a modern-day setting to recapture the magic. His paintings all seem to be darker in nature to evoke that sort of old world style. Sergey Lesnikov's pieces are unique not only in the way that they all take place in a darker, more gloomy light setting and environment; they are unique because almost every single one of his paintings comes with a unique border that he paints on specifically.

Some of the borders look like rope lining the image, while others look like leather and buckles are holding the frame together. He also tends to paint from a unique viewpoint that puts the reader at different perspectives, such as far away to capture a bustling scene or up close and personal in order to create a tense moment for the viewer.

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