List of original paintings signed by artist Katia Zhukova

Katia Zhukova believes that her art is a way to lead her to her own sense of identity by exploring the natural beauty of the human body. She considers the human form to be a "shell of the human spirit," what houses the innermost part of the human mind. When she works, she focuses on the body itself and looks for reflections of herself in the movements of those who model for her. Through her art, she hopes to learn more about herself, and that is why she continues to create.

Each one of her paintings is made with only the three primary colors in mind, each painting having colors used that are mixed from those colors only. She also uses black and white to help bring the outlines and shapes to life while also accentuating the colors that are used. By using only a little bit of the broad-color spectrum, it helps her stay focused on her subject instead of the colors and frills. She often uses light and shadow together to bring out something deep in the photo, usually putting emphasis on the part of the model that she sees in herself.

Katia Zhukova currently has two different series: Dancer series and Portrait series. Each one showcases the bodies and faces of her models in different positions. There are nudes in her work that are oft completed in black and white, putting sole focus on bodies in their most natural states.

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