List of original paintings signed by artist Joanna Zochowska

Joanna Zochowska has been studying art for as long as she has been making it, putting a blend of her own styles and techniques in with the more technical details she has learned in order to create something truly extraordinary. In the year 2010, Joanna Zochowska received a Master's degree in Sculptural Shaping of Space. She also graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, a school found in Gdansk. This occurred in November of 2015 where she received a doctorate degree with a specialization in sculpting. Joanna Zochowska has been a part of many solo exhibitions.

Many of them have taken place in the Czech Republic, but others have occurred in locations abroad. Joanna Zochowska tends to paint nude works, which often involve more than one subject. She intends to capture the relationship between two people, and that relationship tends to appear romantic, sexual and sometimes both depending on the paintings. Her nudes are not hyper-realistic and instead are made in a semi-abstract way that invites the viewer to interpret what they will of these works.

Many of them show some sort of connection between the two people, some subjects looking more comfortable and close with one another while the others seem further away and as if there is tension between them. Subjects of co-dependency appear to be breached. The colors that are most commonly used in the paintings of Joanna Zochowska include reds, pinks, blues, beiges and browns for a unique palette.

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