List of original paintings signed by artist Igor Pautov

Igor Pautov is a professional artist who has been involved with, working in and creating within the fine art community for more than 40 years. This artist is well versed in the art of creating with pencils, oil paints and pastels. His paintings can be found in private collections throughout the Far East, Europe and in the United States. Igor Pautov seems to want to put focus on the human body, most notably the female form, more than anything else; however, In his work, he also focuses on different animals such as horses and dogs.

Igor Pautov uses hyper-realism in his paintings, creating art that is visually appealing and is perfect for any sensual space or room in the house. Unlike strictly artistic nudes, Igor Pautov seems to enjoy creating images of women's bodies in a more suggestive and sensual way. The women are typically depicted for the male gaze. There are some instances where this does not appear to be the case, such as his paintings surrounding cabaret dancers and ballerinas.

In several instances, he has highly detailed paintings surrounding ballerinas getting ready for a show or waiting backstage for one to begin. There are a number of colors that are used in his works, including many shades of blue, orange, reds and yellows. When it comes to his nudes, he tends to enjoy painting them in a sepia tone with only minimalistic colors added in.

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