List of original paintings signed by artist Filomena Booth

To Filomena Booth, abstract art does not have to be art that is commonly misunderstood; a lot of people get the impression that abstract art has to be difficult to comprehend and understand, but Filomena Booth feels differently. Her art style is abstract indeed, but it is inpired by music and nature and are easy to reflect upon and to understand. Her work is designed to uplift the mind and spirit and remind them what it is they love about life. Colorful and without boundaries, the art of Filomena Booth is intended to take the viewer on a journey to better understand the things that connect human beings: music and nature. A talented artist from USA honored with several awards including the Florida Watercolor Society – 2003 American Artist Magazine Award – Shaman

Filomena Booth's art has a common thread of calming, natural colors such as sea foam green, teal, ambers and reds. These colors are commonly found throughout her work, though each painting usually has another accent color to take the focus. Oranges and yellows seem to be her favorite to work with, providing a full run of color for the viewer to enjoy. Many of her paintings take clear inspiration from the natural world around her with clear outlines of flowers or waves, while other pieces of her work appear as if they were naturally created by the setting sun in the sky; without boundaries or lines breaking up the colors between them. Soothing to look at and full of contemplative potential, the art by Filomena Booth is sure to lighten the mood of any room in which it is placed.

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