List of original paintings signed by artist Anna Trigub

Born in the year 1983, Anna Trigub is was a self-taught artist through most of her youth. As she grew older, she eventually went to the Surikov Art Academy in Moscow in the faculty of painting. She graduated in the year 2009. Anna Trigub enjoys painting with a number of different mediums, primarily those including pastels and oils on canvas. She prefers to work with a palette knife and a brush the most. The art she creates largely centers around landscapes, people and still-life images.

Anna Trigub has been a part of several art exhibitions, most of them taking place in Moscow. Many of the works that Anna Trigub creates are of nature, but most of them are not bright and sunny. Instead, she uses a lot of shadow and darkened colors to create a mystical-feeling scene that is captivating and unique, yet somehow totally nostalgic in nature. Her paintings seem to focus a lot on trees, especially tall ones that tower over the rest of a landscape and cast their huge shadows down on their surroundings. There is plenty of greenery in these paintings, but many of them also show a wintrier mix of colors.

The hues that are most commonly used in the art pieces by Anna Trigub include dark and light greens, different shades of blue, browns, whites, grays and soft pastel colors such as pinks, lavenders and yellows. This evokes a wide range of emotion in the viewers as intended.

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