List of original paintings signed by artist Mauri Virtanen

"The artist Mauri Virtanen is based in Quito, he exhibits his paintings in Ecuador and Romania and he is recognized with a number of awards in Ecuador, Finland, Romania, etc. His artworks are in private and public collections Worldwide.

He strives to create a conversation between the viewer and the image by painting what he sees and by creating compositions, his mission is to capture scenes of life, architecture, horses, flowers, etc in a natural setting. His artworks are an exaltation of the color and shape, of the drawing and composition, of the rhythm and movement, of the unity in the variety and of the landscape considered as an alive celebrity.

He feels a great fascination with human beings, it drives him to paint portraits, his goal in this field is to capture both: the physical and phycologycal image of the portraited people."

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