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Mixed media art is art which is created from many different elements, arranged in many different ways. So many different mediums can be used and combined that it would be impossible to list them all. Anything from different types of paints combined with markers, pencils, glitter and glue, folded paper, cardboard cut-outs, buttons and snaps, melted wax, to more obscure found art objects such as rubber from tires, bolts and screws, denim, gingham and strips of an old tablecloth, or even magazine clippings and pages from books can be added to your mixed media masterpiece. As long as a sturdy enough foundation is used so that it will not buckle or tear under the weight of your creation, and you allow enough time for any paint or glue to dry between layers, then the sky is the limit. In mixed media art, creativity and impulsivity is not only accepted, but encouraged!

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Mixed media art is art which is created from many different elements, arranged in many different ways. It is a form of art which is perfect for both advancers and beginners, or those who are not as talented at drawing as they are in collage, sculpture, and crafting. It is one of the most creative forms of art, as the only true limit in mixed media is your own imagination. This may sound like an obscure art form, but in fact, it is even more common than you may realize. Most artists create mixed media art without even thinking about it. Artists may use pencils to sketch an outline, then markers to ink over it, followed by watercolors to color in their drawing – that is mixed media art. Children’s books are often a source of mixed media, including pop-up books and, perhaps one of the most famous children’s books, Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt, uses many different strips of fabrics to convey the various textures of different animals. That is a piece of mixed media art that you probably knew about already, yet never realized could be categorized as this artform.