List of original paintings signed by artist Kristina Valić

A self-taught artist living in Croatia, Kristina Valic is a full-time artist who has been drawing since she was a child. Not only does she paint, but she sculpts as well, and it was not until the year 1998 that she began to take painting seriously. Kristina Valic has no formal training and paints from the heart, but it is impossible to tell that she was not trained in the finest art academies around the world when you look at her works.

Kristina Valic paints all sorts of different natural phenomena. While she does often paint portraits, most of her works seem to center around painting flowers, landscapes, oceans and skies. Sometimes, angels will be present. This allows for the art of Kristina Valic to spread over a huge range of topics, which can reach anyone who views her work and will usually touch them upon some level. Trees are one of the most commonly painted things by Kristina Valic, more namely olive trees. They are present in a variety of different parts of her works; in forests, hidden behind walls, and along bodies of water. There are also plenty of paintings of different types of beaches, either empty or with boats sailing along their shores. Colors that are most commonly used by Kristina Valic include greens, browns, blues and sunset pinks, allowing her paintings to look natural and somewhat realistic with their pleasant, calming aesthetic.

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