List of original paintings signed by artist Pol Ledent

Born in the year 1952, Pol Ledent is a Belgian artist that began his career with painting in the year 1989. While watercolor was his first love when it came to painting, his style soon evolved into oil paintings that would take him into the career he has today. Self-taught, Pol Ledent has had minimal training with only a few drawing lessons undertaken in an academy in Belgium. His work has been seen in a number of galleries including places such as Dinant, Brussels, Bouillon, Paris and Moscow.

Pol Ledent's paintings tend to focus on natural settings with many of his works being centered in flower fields or woodsy areas. His work also puts focus on the way that humankind lives in harmony with nature with his pieces that feature houses nestled away inside of a natural, tree-ridden environment. Abstract paintings became his speciality not long after his brief stint with painting the female body.

Pol Ledent's paintings tend to evoke feelings of calm and serenity. A lot of his pieces use natural colors such as greens and blues, especially when it comes to his natural pieces such as flowers or landscapes.These colors also make their way into his abstract works as well. There is some passion behind his work that makes its presence known in the occasional splashes of red and orange that find their way into his work, coming across in all different areas and subjects of interest in Pol Ledent's beautiful, thought provoking paintings.

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