List of original paintings signed by artist Oleh Shovkunenko

Born into a famous Russian family of artists, Oleh Shovkunenko began to explore his painting talents at a young age. When he grew older, Oleh Shovkunenko took what he'd learned as a child and fine-tuned his skills in an art school in Ukraine. After his time in the Ukranian University, this artist moved to Spain in order to continue to study, and it was there that he decided to plant his roots to live and work.

The dedication that Oleh Shovkunenko feels toward his pieces is evident in his work; he leaves no detail unfinished and instead pays special attention to both color and volume in all of his pieces. In each work of his art, there is a focal point that is quite clear, and it appears he is attempting to deliver a message through his works by focusing on different parts of his paintings. Colors are abundant and freely dealt in the works of Oleh Shovkunenko, those of which are bold and vivid, impossible to miss. Most commonly, Oleh Shovkunenko uses colors such as red, orange, yellow, green and blue.

When it comes to the female subjects in his work, Oleh Shovkunenko often incorporates levels of realism that are unmatched. The details of the faces and bodies of his subjects are plentiful and almost photorealistic. Not only does he paint portraits, but he paints still life images as well, such as plants and fruits. He also paints semi-abstract works for a well-rounded portfolio.

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