List of original paintings signed by artist Anna Sobko

Paintings are poems without words: they represent the real world with a force which strikes imagination. Look at a sand clock. Let's flip it over, and reality, as a thin sand flow, is running away from us to the past. Flip it again and we turn to the present time. Similar, in each picture an artist is stopping the reality, creating the snapshot images of time. Of course each piece of art is a subjective reflection of the artist's vision of life. As an artist, and movie director of animation cartoons, I used to work in different styles, genres and techniques.
Here is my short bio.

I was born in Kishinev, Moldova. I started my art studies in the Kishinev's School of Fine Arts. After the Kishinev's School, I entered State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) in Moscow, Department of Animated Pictures, which I graduated from with the Honor Diploma of Master's Degree, in 1976.
From 1976 to 1993 I worked as a movie director and an artist of animated feature movies, popular-science movies at the film-studio of "Moldova-Film". Starting 1993, I continued my career as a professor in Arts Academy. I have been teaching painting, drawing, history of Arts, and history of Costumes.
. My paintings and graphucs are permanently demonstrated in the Fine Arts exhibitions and artists' galleries . Many of my pictures belong now to private collections in the USA, Russia, Germany, France, Canada, Israel, and Moldova.
Currently, I live in San Diego, California. I continue to work as an artist. Some of my recent works were published in the art book "International Contemporary Artists", Vol1., ICA Publishing, 2010.

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