List of original paintings signed by artist Sudipta Kundu

Sudipta Kundu was born and brought up in a small city named Siliguri in West Bengal, INDIA. Siliguri is a place in the foothills of Darjeeling.

After completed his school and college from Siliguri he came to the Capital City of West Bengal, Kolkata (Formerly known as Calcutta) from where he completed his Diploma in “Applied Art” form Academy of Fine Arts. Sudipta Kundu started his career as an Artist in Advertising agencies and later as a Graphic Designer in print media. Later he discovered that his thirst for painting is not fulfilled by these jobs. He is not achieving that path which he dreamt of, and so he decided and started his career as a self-employed professional Artist/Painter.

Sudipta Kundu started working with Oil paintings, but after that he gradually shifted to Acrylic Paintings along with other mediums like Water Colour and Charcoal. His recent paintings are mostly in Acrylic.  Sudipta’s painting is influenced by the people he sees around.  His paintings are realistic and mostly figurative or portrait type in nature.  Sudipta usually think of a subject or observe and sees a particular individual or event in his surrounding and then draw the central character of that subject or event and then try to use dramatic moments and themes in his canvas. He is very clear with his intentions- He wants the audience to “Read” his paintings.  In his words, “Self expression is very important to me. What I think and delivering that exact thinking on the canvas is really challenging. Sometimes it is very difficult and sometimes it comes spontaneously. I do believe that whatever I paint it should be simple and can be widely understood by a large portion of the audience. The painting should be soothing to the eyes.”

Sudipta Kundu’s paintings are sometimes in monochrome, almost in black and white and sometimes in Colour. His subjects are figurative and faded with light and texture in his canvas giving the images a surreal aspect. His works becomes more interesting by the adding of the motifs and objects related to the painting.

Sudipta Kundu has been participating in several group and Solo exhibitions in India.
His works have been exhibited in the Beijing Olympics, 2008 in China. He was also awarded with DRISHTI Golden Eye award 2013 in POSTER CHALLENGE on the Theme “EYE DONATION” organized and awarded by ANTARDRISHTI, Agra, INDIA.  Recently introduced to the European market, the paintings of Sudipta Kundu are admired by new collectors and are tending to reflect a brand new touch in the contemporary Indian art.

In the years to come what the Artist wishes to accomplish-  Sudipta Kundu continue to create his thinking, his observation, his imagination, the lives of people in his surrounding like a poem on canvases and  improvise more and more in the years to come.

Sudipta Kundu lives and work in Kolkata, INDIA.

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