List of original paintings signed by artist Maxime Cousineau-Perusse

A Canadian-based artist, Maxime Cousineau-Pérusse is a self-taught painter who has been drawing and painting since he was a boy. In the present day, he is at McGill University studying psychology, which heavily influences his work. Maxime Cousineau- Pérusse uses a number of different styles and mediums to express himself, but primarily, he tends to focus on oil paintings.

His pieces seem to stem from different states of the psyche, exploring emotions and thoughts through posture and facial expressions. Maxime Cousineau- Pérusse's pieces are subjective and stem from his experience in the field of psychology and simply from being a human that also feels such emotion. Maxime Cousineau- Pérusse believes that what a person thinks or believes can alter the state of the world immediately around them and seems to convey that easily through his work.

All of the works done by Maxime Cousineau- Pérusse are of people. Sometimes it is their faces, other times their torsos and sometimes just their hands. Each one of his pieces features the human condition in one way or another, with some images rather neutral and simply depictions of different human states, while others seemed to be wracked with emotion, both in obvious and in subtle ways. He uses body language and posture to get his point across in many of these paintings. Colors that are most often used include subtle reds and blues blended to make more natural appearing skin tones. Grays and blacks are also used quite frequently in the works of Maxime Cousineau- Pérusse.

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