List of original paintings signed by artist Joey Agbayani

With not only the ability to paint stunning pictures, but the ability to create award-winning films as well, Joey Agbayani certainly has an eye for beauty and a clear artistic vision, which is evidenced by his striking creations. Joey Agbayani also works in graphic visual effects, photography and cinematography, helping him to always have a fresh and colorful view of the world from which to paint. What he paints often ends up being that of buildings, but while most people tend to paint the entirety of a building and from a sort of distance, Joey Agbayani tends to paint at an up-close and personal level, putting the person viewing the painting at a more interesting and intimate perspective.

He paints things in great detail and focuses on oft overlooked bits of buildings, such as rows of windows and fire escapes on apartment buildings and grand doors and entryways into even grander buildings. He focuses on street corners and bustling areas of life, and even the water pipes that hang down in between the walls of alleys. Joey Agbayani does also paint more famous visions, such as the Eiffel Tower viewed from the River Seine. He occasionally expresses himself in other ways, such as through still lifes.

His still life paintings center around fruits and vegetables, and the colors that are most commonly used in his paintings include browns, reds, grays, whites, and yellows. This conveys a grittier feel that one might experience on the streets when looking at these buildings.

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