List of original paintings signed by artist Nadia Pronina

Artist Statement:
Form is the dominant concern in my figurative paintings -- form freed from space in a self-contained essence of personalized emotional experience, carrying the sculpted reflection of human passion from apathy and decay, to obsession and fever.

Main Exhibitions:
1984 - Moldavian Art Exhibition, Central Artists House, Moscow
1988 - International Young Artists Exhibition, Manezh, Moscow
1990 - Young Moldavian Art, Sicily, Italy
1991 - Collections of Sphinx Gallery, Strasbourg, France
1993 - The Art Myth 93 Exhibition, Manezh, Moscow
1994 - Group Exhibition of Moldavian Artists. Arts Center, Clouzhe-Napoka, Romania
2000 - National Art Museum of Moldova. Solo exhibition, Chishinau
2002 - Connoisseurs Gallery. Group Exhibition, Paris
2002 - Ferrara International Art Biennale, Italy, First award winner
2002 - Forli Art Salon, Italy
2003 - Incubi e Sogni.. Personal Exhibition, Diapazon Art Gallery, Naples, Italy
2004 - Affordable Art Fair 2004, London

Critics Review of Artist Work:
“When for the first time I came upon the works of Nadia Pronina, I immediately perceived, with instinctive spontaneity, the symbol that the chromatic expressions aroused. Whole pictorial signs, realized in a complex texture, determine a representative constant of the nature-man unity, morphologically indistinct. Her artwork determines itself in a completeness of fantastic and anxious images, sometimes obsessive, both in interlacing of body elements and in their difference, almost uniting to look for a reconciliation and dominant affirmation of their own being. “
- Aurelio De Rose, Rome 2003 -

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