List of original paintings signed by artist Ivan Balyasnikov

Born in the year 1990, Ivan Balyasnikov is a Ukranian artist that uses both the skill and technique he was taught in school in harmony with the ones he picked up and developed on his own as he grew up. He went to an art school that he graduated from in the year 2004. He also attended the Crimean Art College by Smokish in the year 2008, and using that knowledge plus what was learned from famous artist Boris Zavalnuk, Ivan Balyasnikov was able to create his own style and begin creating pieces that are unique to only him.

Ivan Balyasnikov self describes his work as impressionism and expressionism at once. Ivan Balyasnikov chooses to paint everything from landscapes to still lifes, to portraits and beyond. He does not observe any sort of process of realism in his pieces, making his works sort of magical and whimsical to experience. Some of his work can be described as abstract, but most of it is rather straightforward and clear.

He paints still lifes of fruit and flowers, all of which are usually depicted in soft colors such as pinks, yellows, greens, tans, purples and others of that ilk. His landscapes vary from shadowy gazebos to city streets and pristine, placid lakes alike. Each stroke he makes it detailed, personal and intricate to offer a clean-looking vision of whatever it is Ivan Balyasnikov might be painting at the time. The buildings that he paints are especially detailed.

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