List of original paintings signed by artist Allan Friedlander

Born and raised in the southern region of Georgia, Allan Friedlander is inspired by types of nature that he grew up seeing as a young boy. That is to say, landscapes and other natural elements inspire him the most, and he puts his own unique spin on what he sees by making his works semi-abstract. Though he has lived in many parts of his home country as well as internationally and has seen many things, it is always the beauty of nature that he feels compelled to paint.

He works with the hope that those who view his paintings will feel as touched and as moved by nature as he, himself. His work has been found in many parts of the world, landing in both corporate and private collections in countries such as the United States, Australia, Canada, England, Germany, France, Mexico, Holland, Sweden, Portugal, Switzerland, Japan and Denmark. In his paintings, it is clear to see nostalgia that everyone has for the nature in which they grew up. He paints fields and forests in a variety of different kinds, capturing the different ways that nature makes itself known across the world. Primarily, Allan Friedlander paints fields full of trees and full of flowers.

Occasionally, he will paint still life images of flowers in a vase. Mostly in his paintings, you will find colors such as dark and light greens, whites, blues, purples, soft oranges, and yellows, encompassing the many colors of nature.

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