List of original paintings signed by artist Rita Gesinger

Rita Gesinger maintains a private studio in the Seattle area. She also teaches adult and children students to paint. She has observed both in teaching for 40 years and in her own work that it takes more of a desire to learn than it does natural talent. “Art doesn’t just come, you have to practice it, a lot, in order to get good at it” says Rita. In her work she tells a visual story that is expressed via her paintings. Her starting point is a story she has in mind which she then goes about expressing visually with traditional beginning, middle, and segments. Part of her artistic genius includes allowing the story to develop as she is in the process of making it come alive on canvas. This means that she never knows what the full story will be until it manifests through her production.

About Artist: Rita Gesinger is a popular Seattle artist.
Gesinger became an artist very early in her life; she remembers beginning to draw when she was just 3 years old. In High School she got more of a formal training and in college she majored in painting and in ceramic arts. After her formal training Rita worked full time in a studio outside of her home. She is an elected member of Women Painters of Washington. Rita currently works in a studio in her home in Issaquah, Washington in the beautiful Cascade mountains,where she lives with her husband and dog(Pablo Picasso). Rita enjoys regular contact with her three adult children and four grandchildren who live nearby.

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