List of original paintings signed by artist Salome Elanidze

Hailing from the country of Georgia, Salome Elanidze is a young artist who has had much education to back her artistic ability. Salome Elanidze studied at the Tbilisi State Academy of Art for several years and still does to this day, currently enrolled in their master program. She has received many certificates for her art and has been featured in a number of exhibitions both on her own and with other groups. Her style is one that can clearly be separated from the others around her with its unique color palette and interesting abstract designs.

Salome Elanidze paints primarily abstract art with a few pieces that have solid imagery in them. While many of her pieces are that of abstract art, she also creates landscape paintings as well. Primarily, she seems to enjoy painting oceans and other bodies of water on rocky shores. The colors that she uses are gritty ones, often centering on dark browns, golden yellows, grays, black and white in different shades. There are occasional notes of red that help to bring her vision to a more passionate level in a few of her paintings. The colors that she chooses to use work to offer a grim look at the world around her, painting everything from dystopian-looking landscapes to the interiors of strange and unsettling rooms. She will also occasionally paint the human form, but they are not created in a traditional style; instead, they seem discombobulated and somewhat abstract as well.

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