List of original paintings signed by artist Erna Dolmazova

Erna Dolmazova was born in 1975 in the city of Tbilisi, Georgia. It is there that she lives and works to this day. She taught art from the year 2000 until the year 2012. Before that, she studied at Niko Nikoladze School of Art and the Experimental Institute of Niko Nikoladze School of Art from 1996 to 2000 where she got her bachelor's degree in art. Since then, she has spent much of her time showcasing her work in solo and group exhibitions, as well as personal exhibitions.

Erna Dolmazova creates surrealistic art, usually featuring the image of women in her pieces. Her art can be unsettling at times with its dark colors and nightmarish shapes, but other times, it can appear quite lighthearted. She relies heavily on symbolism and mood to tell the story of each painting, which all seem to lend themselves to different types of emotion and thought. It seems that a lot of her work focuses on the feeling of loneliness and what that could leave a person to do or feel. Most of her art pieces seem to take place in the desert or a setting that is similar. For this reason, many of the colors that are used are brown, gold, red, orange, yellow, gray and black. These colors combine to create a number of eerie images that will appeal to any lover of the surreal side of life.

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