List of original paintings signed by artist Anna Timshina

Born in Perm, Russia, Anna Timshina has been creating art since she was a child. Her grandfather was also an artist and helped to guide her in her artistic abilities. Inspired by a love of arts from a young age, she attended art school to fine-tune the skills she'd practiced while young. She graduated from that art school and moved on to create paintings and other art pieces that spoke to her. She believes that art is not something that is to be perfect in any way and should, instead, be something that one does in order to cope with the unstableness of the modern world. That belief is certainly reflected in her pieces.

Hoping to stir memories and feelings in those who look at her art, Anna Timshina creates a broad range of paintings that can be interpreted in many different ways. A lot of her paintings tend to center on animals; there are quite a few paintings that consist of cats in different positions, such as on the move or enjoying a nap. Ducks and dogs are also present in her pieces. When she is painting anything that has to do with the outdoors, Anna Timshina typically uses colors such as frosty blues, white, gray and black. Any other time, this artist uses colors such as yellow, brown, orange and green. Each one of her paintings is soft and comforting to look at, offering something pensive to enjoy in a home.

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