List of original paintings signed by artist Chevassus-Agnes Jean-Pierre

Chevassus-Agnes Jean-Pierre is an artist that has spent many years in academies and institutions to learn how to fine-tune his skills. The French painter learned to paint and come into his own style by studying the works of both western painters and Asian ones as well, combining their styles to create one of his own. Chevassus-Agnes Jean-Pierre has been featured in many exhibitions in his time, both on his own and as a part of a larger group of artists. He has been painting since the early 1960s and continues to do so to this day.

Chevassus-Agnes Jean-Pierre seems to enjoy painting two different subjects the most: still-life paintings and landscape paintings. His works are essentially split down the middle between the two, and his mediums are just as varied. He paints upon everything from canvas to silk depending on what the painting calls for in order to reach its full potential. His still-life images consist of things such as fruits, vegetables and flowers. The flowers are generally potted and are not growing in the wild. Tablescapes of different kinds are often incorporated into his works as well. The landscapes that he paints range all over the spectrum, but many of them do tend to feature a body of water in some form or another. Chevassus-Agnes Jean-Pierre also paints cityscapes and alleyways, using a lot of yellow in his works, but also leans toward more natural colors like red, green and blue as well.

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