List of original paintings signed by artist Jason Lincoln Jeffers

Jason Lincoln Jeffers is a professional artist among other things and ties in other aspects of life into his work. Deeply spiritual, the artist loves to incorporate different mystical aspects of his spiritually into his works, incorporating items such as the golden ratio, mystical symbolism and mythology. Being groomed for artistry since he was young, Jason Lincoln Jeffers has fine-tuned his ability to create highly spiritual pieces that resonate with other people who believe in what he does.

Jason Lincoln Jeffers' work is largely abstract, incorporating a lot of subtler details into his work, which work together to create a bigger picture. His works sometime features spiritual symbolism when it is not abstract, and there are a few instances where the art of Jason Lincoln Jeffers features large ankhs. There are also masks in his works, which seem to speak to masks of ancient spiritual groups, as well as serpents and angels. The colors that Jason Lincoln Jeffers uses are usually gritty and murky, including dark blues, grays, reds and dark greens. Browns are another common theme among his darker pieces. Some of his pieces feature brighter colors such as yellows and pinks to lighten up his portfolio. Almost all of his work has a somewhat chaotic feel to it, offering a true glimpse at what it means to come to terms with oneself on their path to spirituality.

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