List of original paintings signed by artist Tinatin Bakhtadze

Tinatin Bakhtadze is an artist who has learned how to paint in the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, studying there from the 1997 until 2003. She was studying decorative arts and has qualifications in artist-designer clothing. Tinatin Bakhtadze has been featured in many different art exhibitions between the years of 2011 and 2014; these exhibitions have been both solo and group exhibitions alike. She has spent many years getting in touch with herself and her unique art style, and her style can surely be seen if one takes a look at her portfolio.

The pieces that Tinatin Bakhtadze produces all give off a feel of franticness while also being very well put together. She blurs the lines of a traditional image, making it coalesce beautifully into the other objects in the painting. Oftentimes, Tinatin Bakhtadze will paint images of different places from all around the world, capturing their personalities in each one. The colors and interesting brushstrokes she employs to represent each one of them tell their own story about the locations she paints. The artist also paints images of people, namely women usually wearing fine hats and jewelry, or conversely, nothing at all. When she paints people, they are usually depicted in natural skin tones. When she paints anything else, the finished works often become very colorful. She utilizes various shades of purple in her works, as well as grays, pinks, browns, blues and sometimes, soft yellows.

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