List of original paintings signed by artist José Higuera

Born in Germany in the year 1966, José Higuera was a wholly self-taught artist up until he was of the appropriate age to attend lessons from other artists of his kind. His grandmother helped facilitate this, seeing his interest in art bloom. Even still, his incredibly photo-realistic skill is still largely self taught, making the already impressive pieces in his portfolio that much more impressive. He has developed his own style over the years, such as creating groundbreaking pieces that one might have to look twice at to register that what one is looking at is indeed a painting.

José Higuera does not discriminate upon what subjects he puts into his paintings. Primarily, this artist seems to focus his attention on women and children the most. His paintings are reflections of different parts of the human condition; a lot of attention seems to focus on feelings of longing, wistfulness and nostalgia. Some of his pieces feature children alone, children together or women and children together, and those have a much more innocent and maternal feel to them.

The paintings that do not feature any sort of people in them are often landscapes or still life images, but even those are ultra photo realistic and make you do a double take. José Higuera paints things such as fruit on a table or a spoon in a glass of water. He also paints landscape and cityscape images, such as of the ocean and Manhattan.

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