List of original paintings signed by artist Maria Iciak

Maria Iciak was born and raised in Poland. From a young age, she fell in love with painting and pursued it as an adult. Maria Iciak got her master's degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poland and has since been featured in several exhibitions. She uses a number of different mediums to complete her masterpieces, but of those mediums, Maria Iciak prefers to use watercolor the most She loves the way that watercolors offer something of a transparent appeal to her paintings, especially considering the way that many of her paintings are abstract or semi-abstract.

Maria Iciak tends to not only create abstract/semi-abstract paintings, but she puts focus on nude paintings a lot as well. Her nudes verge on the semi-abstract side of things with their indistinct lines and shapes, offering a softer side to what is often such a detailed process. When she is painting nudes, Maria Iciak tends to use light, skin colored pigments such as peach, brown, different shades of yellow and red. Sometimes these images get outlined with black. When she is painting her abstract art, she tends to use a lot of much darker colors. These often include rich browns, dark grays and black, using and playing with the white space on her canvas or other medium to bring everything to life. Regardless of the color schemes she employs, there is a certain level of softness and airiness to the paintings of Maria Iciak, making them calming pieces of work for anyone to enjoy.

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