List of original paintings signed by artist Giorgi Kobiashvili

Giorgi Kobiashvili started taking painting classes in the year 2005 and studied in the Iakob Nikoladze Art School until the year 2009. After his time there ended, he took more classes at the Apolon Kutateladze Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Faculty of Fine Art until the year 2012. During this time and beyond, Giorgi Kobiashvili was showcasing his works in many different exhibitions. These exhibitions were done in both solo and group settings alike. Over the course of the years, Giorgi Kobiashvili has evolved his painting style and found the place in which he fits the best.

A lot of the art done by Giorgi Kobiashvili is colorful and bold. There is nothing bleak about the work he does, although some of them do have a sort of eerie feel and atmosphere to them. The pieces done by Giorgi Kobiashvili are often vivid. They generally have one color that stands out among others and is used as a focal point for the rest of the painting to be centered around. Some of the most prominent colors that he does this with include sunshine yellows, mysterious blues, vibrant greens and passionate, lively reds. The subjects of Giorgi Kobiashvili paintings are often people--more specifically, they are often women. Sometimes that changes when he is painting musicians including a pianist or drummer. Occasionally, he will paint animals, and it seems that he enjoys painting fish most of all, among other animals such as elephants.

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