List of original paintings signed by artist Nivas Kanhere

Nivas Kanhere is an artist who was born and raised in Kumbhej. Without much help as a child, Nivas Kanhere did his best to create art with no instruction. This led him to develop a unique style in his youth until he went on to study in Abhinav Art College Pune as well as Sir J.J. School of Art in Mumbai. Since then, this artist has learned to express himself in a way that offers his work his own unique fingerprint. He expresses his love of life through his art, using some of his favorite symbolism in almost every piece. This symbolism includes bulls, horses, buffalos and more.

Nivas Kanhere believes that music is in every part of life, and to express his love of music, he does so by bringing it forth through symbolism instead of outright depictions of musical instruments or other musical items. Instead, he uses animals and color to bring that notion to life. Primarily in his pieces, you will see the aforementioned bulls, horses and other animals depicted in blues, reds, and yellows most commonly. Nivas Kanhere does paint humans, but he does so with much less realism to his work. Humans are often depicted in darker colors such as blacks and grays which sharply oppose the colors that he uses when painting animals. Other colors that are often depicted in the work of Nivas Kanhere include greens, yellows, oranges, muddy browns and other colors that are commonly found out in nature.

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