List of original paintings signed by artist Ahmed Kheder

Ahmed Kheder is an oil painter that is self-taught. His work often focuses on still life images as well as people and animals. Semi-realistic, the work of Ahmed Kheder encompasses what he perceives to be the most important things in life. This includes music, nature, people and beautiful landscapes. The art that Ahmed Kheder produces is art that can appeal to anyone who is interested in taking a little time out of their day to appreciate the world around them.

Ahmed Kheder's art usually uses soft brushstrokes and even softer colors in order to get his points across. A lot of his work has sunset style colors including soft pinks, lavender, whites, yellows, oranges and reds which at once evoke feelings of serenity and calm while also speaking toward a person's passion and vigor toward life. There are blues that are frequently used in his paintings as well, and those blues are often there to offset the bright colors of the rest of the work. His still life paintings often focus on vases and flowers. A lot of his paintings that have humans in them focus on music; for instance, he has paintings of a man playing a piano, a woman playing a violin, and several men playing the cello in his work. His paintings are serene and very well put together, making them a comfortable addition to anyone's home that is in search of a little tranquility.

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