List of original paintings signed by artist Sheetal Gulhati

I am a 36 year old New Delhi-based artist. Since my childhood, I have demonstrated a natural artistic ability but did not pursue it professionally until recently. I kept my interest alive by learning new techniques while I was a homemaker and it is only in the last 5 years that I have been pursuing art professionally.  

Since my return to my original passion, I have done fairly well in this hard to crack art world. I established a studio where I experiment with messy techniques like mixed media mosaics, mixed media collage, acrylic skins, plaster sculptures etc. I appreciate the large space I have now which is a lot better than working in one small corner of my bedroom.    

I originally focussed on mosaics and glass paintings and executed art projects for Hewitt Associates, Gurgaon 2005 and Axiss Dental Delhi/ Gurgaon in 2006 and MediMedia India as well as A E Morgan publications in 2007 and 2008. I designed and hand crafted mosaic accessories and murals for interiors and exhibited the same at various Diwali and Teej Melas in New Delhi from 2007 to 2009.  

As a contemporary artist I work with mixed media collage and acrylics, acrylic skin assemblage, textures and mosaics with my base being canvas, acrylic sheet and ply board . Still life being my favourite style involving the European Baroque interiors of the 17th and 18th centuries. The ornate detailing gives me great scope to experiment with my various art techniques.  

As an artist my recent group exhibitions include:

  • Confluence 12 by Galerie Art Eterne, Lalit Kala Academy - New Delhi, 2012 

  • Renge Kaleidoscope by Renge Art, Club Aralias - Gurgoan, March 2013

  • Colours of Freedom by Renge Art, Club Aralias - Gurgaan, August 2013

  • My True Calling by Renge Art, Club Aralias - Gurgaon, September 2013.

  • Inner Reflections by Renge Art , Club Aralias – Gurgoan, April 2014

  • Confluence 14 by Galerie Art Eterne, Art Konsult Gallery, Lado Sarai, New Delhi,April 2014. 

 I have also carried out 2 very successful solo exhibitions at my Studio in Saket, New Delhi     Currently exhibiting at Studio Art, Lado Sarai, New Delhi, India.

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